Choice of Transport Mode By Residents of The City of Asmara-Eritrea

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Fitsum Ghebremeskel
Habteab Tekie Mehreteab


The choice of mode for commuters is a crucial thing and the choice of transportation mode is affected by many factors such as: gender, income, travel cost, travel time…etc. This paper investigates factors influencing mode choice behavior of the residents of Adi-Guaedad and its environs towards different destinations of the city of Asmara. Adi-Guaedad is one of the suburbs of the city of Asmara. Multinomial logit regression model was used to study the choice of transport mode among 400 residents of this locality. The mode choice is between bicycle, public bus and minibus. The results of this study shows that gender, monthly income, occupation, trip purpose, residential location of the respondent, waiting time, access, egress, travel time (in minutes), travel cost, and distance (kilometers) to destination are the factors that statistically and significantly affect the probability that a commuter uses a bicycle, a public bus or minibus to his/her destination.

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