The Influence of Co9Worker Relationship on Turnover Intention of Employees in Food and Beverage Industry in Nigeria

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R. I. Adeghe
B. A. Chukwu


This research examined the influence of co,worker relationship on employee turnover intention in Food and Beverage Industry in Nigeria. Labour turnover cost, Nigeria Industry huge sum of money annually in hiring and training replacements. Retention of employee is not easy and is a complex issue, and there is no single recipe for retaining employees in a company. Management of food and beverage industry can reduce turnover by considering different preventive measures such as providing opportunity for co,workers and supervisors support during task accomplishment. Co,workers and supervisors support will increase employees ability to cope with their work and decrease turnover intention. Employees will opt out of the organization when they cannot get necessary assistance from their co,worker and supervisor. This research adopted a survey research instrument through the administration of questionnaire to three hundred and fifty five(355) staff of the sampled firm. The data for the research was analyzed using descriptive statistics and chi,square. The empirical results from the chi,square analysis showed that co,workers interactions, supervisor interactions, co,workers support and supervisor support with the employee has significant influence on employee turnover intention at 5 percent level of significance. Based on the findings of the research, it is recommended that employees should interact fully with their co,worker and supervisor to obtain the necessary support during task accomplishment.

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