Critical Factors That Influence Employee Job Performance on Selected Banks in Nigeria

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B. A. Chukwu


This study investigated the critical factors that influence employee job performance in banking sector in Nigeria. Most Nigerian Banks are performing below expectation irrespective of high funding due to lack of staff motivation and staff training. Most of staff training are exclusive right of those in the higher echelon of the bank, without due consideration given to those in lower cadre. Majority of staff in lower cadre are stagnated in one position for years without promotion and salary increment. This is common with all the banks in Nigeria. A survey was conducted in this study using questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed using percentages and multiple regression. The result showed that a positive relationship exists between the independent variables staff training, staff compensation, co-­‐‑worker relationship, staff promotion and the dependent variable employee performance. All the independent variables have significant t-­‐‑ratio. The results are consistent with the literature. We recommended that employees should be adequately compensated in line with labour market condition and that employees should be given opportunity to attain higher position through display of intelligence and hard work.

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