Testing 13 Variables Toward Buying Decision for the Collaboration of McDonald's Restaurant with BTS (Brand Ambassador) in Indonesia

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The purpose of this research is identification of variables which may have positive or negative influence toward buying decision; measuring a goodness of fit of 13 variables toward buying decision; identification of which marketing mix 3 tane of var. plays the biggest role toward buying decision. The sample was 100 people, selected by purposive sampling technique. The variables measured were culture, demographics, social class, reference group, family, marketing activities, perceptions, learning, memory, motives, personality, emotions, and attitudes. The data was obtained through a Likert scale questionnaire. The data was processed by testing the validity, reliability, multiple linear regression analysis, T test, F test, and the coefficient of determination. The results indicated that social and family variables have a negative influence, but simultaneously, the 13 variables are able to encourage BTS menu buying decisions with an effect of 66.30% while the most important marketing mix factor is: Value to Marketer.

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