Entrepreneurial Intention in Tourism post Covid 19: An Exploratory Study

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Teresa Dıeguez


Entrepreneurship is a key element for any country that wants to be competitive in a global knowledge-based market. It is a complex concept that requires a deep and critical study from various perspectives and supported by the trinomial of sustainability. Higher Education Institutions can play a decisive role in developing the entrepreneurial intentions of their students, the future leaders of tomorrow. Covid-19 changed the world and Tourism was one of the sectors where the impact was greater, also because it is a highly technological sector, among other reasons. The present study is an exploratory and descriptive study of a quantitative nature. It was carried out, in April 2021, and it aims to study the entrepreneurial intention of the 1st year students of the master’s degree in Tourism Management of the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, based in Portugal.

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