Umrah Worship During The Pandemic Covid–19: Responses From Residents In Northern Malaysia

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Herman Shah Anuar
Wan nadzri bin Osman
Kamal imran bin Mohd Sharif


The Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world has affected many things including social and economic activities. For Muslims, among the main effects are the barriers to perform Umrah and Hajj where Saudi Arabia is among the countries that close their country's border gates from the influx of travellers. When most countries started to show decreasing number of covid-19 cases, this is where Saudi government reconsider to reopen its borders to welcome Umrah and hajj travellers. This study concentrates on Northern Malaysia namely the state of Kedah and Perlis. Quantitative research methodology was employed where 1093 responses gathered from both states from population of 2 million Muslims. Responses were very good and very positive. It is suggested for future studies to include the population for all over Malaysia or shall be extended to other places to evaluate interest among Muslims to perform Umrah once the situation has recovered.

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