Voluntary Insurance - A Proposed Product in Bank-led E-Banking Services: Statistical Analysis of Customers’ Preferences

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Akim M. Rahman


In digital-world, banking-services have been modernized. But it faces pitfalls being it riskiness. Many factors are unpredictable in e-banking. Moreover, since customers do not exactly remember the total amount s/he currently has in account, receiving email confirmation on transactions cause panic to accountholder. These perceived risk-factors have been undermining the prospects of cashless-society in world-economy country-wise such as Bangladesh. Banks can eliminate perceived-risk by adopting Voluntary Insurance - a proposed product in e-banking. Thus, the purpose here is to know how do customers feel about this probable product? Survey questionnaire is used for data-collection and for carrying-out convenience sampling reliability analysis. Then Hypotheses are developed and tested in choice problem on whether bank-led users prefer Voluntary Insurance (VI) as a product in e-banking-services. Statistical analysis of customers’ opinions reveals that “age-group” and “occupation-group” of customers have different preferences on proposed-product where demographic factors impact customers’ preferences.

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