Selection of Solder Paste Inspection Machines by Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

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İpek Deveci Kocakoç
Gökçe Baysal Türkölmez


One of the most important factors to give an inspection automation decision is the precision of measurements taken by the inspection machine. This paper aims to provide help in the selection of an automatic optical inspection (AOI) machine for a printed circuit board (PCB) assembly line of an electronics manufacturer. Since the visual inspection of soldered surfaces on a PCB is a crucial step, AOI machines bring great speed and accuracy to the inspection process. The main goal is to find the best automatic inspection machine alternative among the three AOI machine offerings according to nine selection criteria by integrating coefficient of variation statistic with TOPSIS and VIKOR, which are well-known multicriteria decision analysis methods. For this purpose, three different brands of AOI machines have been tested for the same PCBs, with 10 different components. After calculation of TOPSIS and VIKOR rank scores, the coefficient of variation of rank scores for all components is obtained and the selection of the AOI machine is finalized.

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