A Conceptual Overview of E-Sports Tourism as a New Trend in the Tourism Industry

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Altan Çetin
Mustafa Coşkuner


The tourism industry is in a relationship with the sports discipline as well as with many other disciplines. Sports have been an important source of motivation for people to participate in tourism movements throughout history. As a result of the development of the internet and the developments in the digital age, the concept of traditional sports has also been affected by this development and the concept of e-Sports (electronic sports), which has been frequently encountered in recent years, has come into our lives. Events including e-Sports matches are watched worldwide today and reach large audiences. The mobility created by the participants from both domestic and abroad to these events also develops the tourism sector by contributing mainly to accommodation, catering, travel and transportation services. This dynamism in the e- Sports market and activities creates a supply source for alternative tourism potential in terms of the tourism industry, and e-Sports tourism is considered to be important in terms of product diversity. The purpose of this article is to examine and introduce the concept of e-Sports, which we come across recently, as a new tourism trend, by technology and computer, which are the outputs of the 21st century.

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