TQM and Six Sigma: A Literature Review of Similarities, Dissimilarities and Criticisms

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Lamine Kaouthar


This paper discusses the similarity and dissimilarity between TQM and Six Sigma methodologies. Specifically, it contributes by revealing the resemblances and divergences between CSF’s of TQM and Six Sigma. The discussion arises firstly based on the considerable criticismsappears in the literature concerning this controversy: Six Sigmais a repackage of TQM or Six Sigmais an extension of TQM?. As of interest to resolve this controversy, a research framework is developed preceded by a theoretical background of the basics, strategies, objectives and CSF’s of each methodology. The primary proposition of this work is that the implementation of Six SigmaCSF’s are based on the major part on the TQM CSF’s. Firstly, this paper reveals that Six Sigmais an extension of TQM and stresses its distinguished characteristics compared to TQM.

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