Factors related to the term “Halal” affecting the Purchase Intention of Non-Muslim Consumers in Bangladesh

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Abul Khair Jyote
Dhritiparna Kundu


The Halal concept commonly concerns Muslim consumers. But nowadays, it is also being attractive for non-Muslim customers. The rising anxiety on health, a halal diet business strategy nowadays has huge budding in taking non-Muslim as a target audience as well. General consumers are not only adopting this concept for the religious value; but also, they prefer it for its hygiene, cleanliness and the quality of food. For that reason, this product concept is creating hyped in Bangladesh. At this moment general consumers are aware of environmental pollution, adulterated food products, animal welfare. Hence, they like to prefer trustworthy sources for product consumption which will help them to care about society. As a result, Local companies are taking this advantage and creating hype by offering Halal items. Mostly every religion’s people like to buy halal items for adopting the safe side. Because they believe that for the religious promise companies will maintain the product quality which will safe to consume. Now, many renowned brands that are offering Halal product lines to attract customers in Bangladesh. As Bangladesh is a Muslim country, easily this concept is being appreciable to everyone. Moreover, after considering the rising demand for Halal products Bangladesh government has currently providing certification for Halal food manufacturing and food outlets facilities inside the country (Nisha and Iqbal, 2017). However, the data has been collected through the structured close-ended questionnaire survey consisting of 121 non-Muslim communities in Bangladesh. The analysis supported Halal awareness, Halal certification; marketing promotion and Brand were constructively correlated with the purchase intention. The time duration of the data collection was more than two weeks. Basically, the aim of this study is to identify the factors which affect the purchase intention of non-Muslim consumers to buy Halal items in Bangladesh.

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