An Appraisal of Legal and Institutional Framework of Corruption Eradication in Nigeria

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Salisu Ahmed Kabiru


Over the past few decades, Nigeria have had a number of laws and institutions for the eradication of corruption, but little has been achieved in the fight for corruption as the monster is fast spreading. This paper appraises the laws and institution for corruption eradication with a view to identify the factors that militate against the ineffectiveness of these laws and institutions in Nigeria. The paper utilizes a secondary source of data collection and an analytical method of data analysis. Analytical findings shows that, duplication of duties, and some lapses in some of laws were some of the factors that rendered these laws and institutions ineffective. This paper, therefore, suggest that, to make these laws and institution more effective the following measures must be taken, which include merging of some similar institutions, and rectifying lapses that characterized some of the laws.

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