Measurement of Service Quality of Hotels in TRNC: Servqual Model

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Müjdat Ertürk


One of the essential requirements for tourism enterprises to survive and increase their profitability by increasing their occupancy rates is to meet customer expectations through the services they render. A customer whose expectations have been met means a positive advertising tool for enterprises and a customer who will come again. Service quality, which is the most crucial factor in meeting customer expectations, is vital for enterprises. The present study was conducted to measure the difference between expectations and perceptions of service quality, therefore perceived service quality of foreign tourists visiting Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. The study was conducted with 408 tourists staying in the hotels most preferred by tourists in Kyrenia, Fagamusta and Bafra Regions. Survey technique was used as the data collection method. The difference between the service quality expected by the tourists and the service quality perceived by them after their experience was measured using the SERVQUAL scale. The data obtained were transferred to the computer, and a database was created; the results were then presented through various statistical analyses. The study concludes that the level of perceived service quality was below the level of expected service quality.

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