Factors Affecting The Consumers'ʹ Purchase Decision Safe Food: Case Study in Vietnam

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Dao Quyet Thang
Doan Viet Dung
Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung


The demand for safe food is quite high while the decision to buy safe food is quite low. The study aims to find out the factors that influence the purchase decision safe food and on that basis, propose some suggestion for manufacturers and distributors in order to stimulate consumption for safe food. This study used the survey of 318 consumers in Vietnam in combination with the EFA method and regression of OLS to find out the factors affecting the decision to buy safe food of Vietnamese consumers. This study shows that there are four factors having positive effects on Vietnamese consumers'ʹ purchase decision. Attitude, value factor is the strongest impact and consumer trust is the weakest impact on the consumer’s purchase decision safe food.

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