The Implementation of Green Human Resource Management: A Survey on the Manufacturing Industry in Indonesia

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Veithzal Rivai Zainal
Indra Siswanti
Lenny Christina Nawangsari


This study investigates the implementation of Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) in the manufacturing industry in Indonesia, with a focus on achieving sustainable organizational performance. It addresses a research gap and develops conceptual models to advance sustainable development goals (SDGs), particularly in Indonesia, encompassing social, economic, educational, health, and environmental aspects. A survey method was employed, utilizing an associative quantitative approach with multivariate statistical techniques, specifically structural equation modeling partial least squares (SEM-PLS). The study involved 75 manufacturing enterprises in Indonesia's Karawang industrial district, with Managers or Supervisors serving as respondents. Data was collected using a questionnaire as the primary measurement instrument. The research falls under TKT 2 in terms of technology readiness, involving the formulation of a research model concept. Key findings suggest that the implementation of GHRM practices in the manufacturing industry positively impacts Green Intellectual Capital and contributes to sustainable organizational performance. Furthermore, the study underscores the importance of GHRM in enhancing environmental sustainability and organizational competitiveness within the Indonesian manufacturing sector.

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