Being A Woman in Kosovo: Key Issues and Norms for Change in the Perspective of Feminist Legal Theory

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Sibel Akgün
Asena Boztaş
Emine Balcı


The role of women has been persistently overlooked within the societal and state structures. Women's existence, challenges, and significant impact have persisted as problematic issues across multiple aspects. Kosovo, located in the Balkans, has been a region where women have faced continuous struggles. The prevalent patriarchal structure in the country plays a significant role in perpetuating these challenges. Despite the existence of legal guarantees ensuring equality, both Kosovo women in general and women from minority backgrounds benefit from such protections. However, practical obstacles persist regarding women's identity. This study, adopting a feminist legal theory perspective, aims to discuss the constitutional rights of (minority) women in Kosovo and shed light on the challenges they encounter. Analysing the situation in Kosovo through the lens of feminist legal theory, the study provides a framework that addresses the contradiction between legal principles and social norms. Utilizing qualitative research methods like document analysis and case studies, the study examines gender inequality deficiencies among a sample of (minority) women from Kosovo, highlighting the global implications of these issues.

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