The Role and Importance of Shortening Product Life Cycle with A Planned Obsolescence Strategy in Green Marketing

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Ahmet Esad Yurtsever


The study was designed to investigate the relationship between green marketing, which has recently come to the fore, and the negative effects of shortening product life as a result of the product obsolescence strategy used in marketing. The exploratory research design was adopted in the study. While obtaining the data, primary and secondary sources considered to be useful and relevant for the study were used. Planned obsolescence can lead to heightened resource consumption, waste generation, and negative ecological impacts. It can contradict the principles of sustainable production and consumption, which emphasize durability, longevity, repairability, and responsible end-of-life management. In order to make the negative aspects of product obsolescence more evident, the importance of the subject was emphasized by giving place to case studies from different sectors and products at the end of the study. As a result of the literature review and observations made for the study, it was deduced that the objective and subjective information of today's consumers is higher than before therefore they attach more importance to green marketing issues and they react more to strategies such as product obsolescence. All literature studies and observations were evaluated at the end of the study and suggestions were made for both consumers and producers.

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